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Evolution of the Porsche 911 In Competition – 1965-2010

Evolution of the Porsche 911 In Competition – 1965-2010


By Michael Keyser-Bill Oursler

Forewords by Jürgen Barth and Norbert Singer

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The Porsche 911 has the unique distinction among its peers of having the longest life of any sports car in automotive history; its production having begun in September of 1964 with the first examples arriving on U.S. shores in February the following year. Today, in thoroughly modernized form, it still bears the hallmark design features which brought it such attention more than four and a half decades ago. Equally remarkable is the 911’s motorsports history; one that has brought it success at the highest levels of the sport and a record which shows no signs of diminishing as it approaches its 50th anniversary.

Through text and photographs, Evolution of the PORSCHE 911 In Competition – 1965-2010 traces the long racing lineage of this iconic car from its inaugural appearance at the 1965 Monte Carlo Rally, where it scored an amazing class victory, to its 2010 class win at Le Mans and an American Le Mans championship season where it successfully battled against the might of Ferrari and Corvette.

Since the 911’s first days in competition in the early 60s, its versatility not only produced a long string of successes in rallies, but also wins at some of the world’s great road circuits, including Daytona, Sebring, the Targa Florio, the Nürburgring and Le Mans. With 54 black and white, and 299 color photographs, many never published before, this book brings that history to life.

Beyond coverage of the early 911s and 911STs, the book focuses on the legendary Carrera RSRs which dominated GT racing during the 1970s before giving way to the fire breathing turbocharged era of the 934s and 935s. In addition to covering the continuing rally exploits of the 911 and the hard fought Porsche-only Carrera Cup championships, it documents the ultimate 911, the mid-engined GT1 that scored an overall victory at Le Mans in 1998 and the present-day GT3s that have largely ruled the production classes for more than ten years.

Co-authored by Michael Keyser and Bill Oursler, each uniquely familiar with the 911, both on the track and on the written page, Evolution of the PORSCHE 911 In Competition – 1965-2010 is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the remarkable history of these legendary cars from Zuffenhausen.

11 ½”x 11 ½”- 10 Chapters – 236 pages – 54 Black & White and 299 Color Images

Limited edition hardcover in embossed black leather case with yellow bookmark

Limited edition of 2000 individually numbered copies

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  1. As seen in Motorsports Marketing Resources
    My idea of the perfect book; lots of great pictures and pertinent commentary in short bursts. Porsche race cars have won more important races and rallies than any other marque in the history of racing. And the bulk of those wins came in 911’s. Each image in this book is accompanied by a short description of the car, driver and achievement. The book is written by Michael Keyser and Bill Oursler, both dyed-in-the-wool Porsche devotees with the right creds. Keyser won Sebring in 1976 with Al Holbert and made the film The Speed Merchants. Oursler is a great photographer and contributing editor to Porsche Panorama with five Porsche books to his name.

    Peter Bourasa – Motorsports Marketing Resources
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  2. As seen in Vintage Racecar
    With distinction as the longest lived sports car design in history, it’s safe to say that the Porsche 911 has a long and distinguished racing history. From its 1965 debut on the European rally scene, the 911 steadily evolved into an increasingly faster weapon that by the mid 1970s had become the ultimate endurance racing machine on the planet. Over the subsequent three decades, the 911 would continue to evolve to adapt in the ever changing landscape of world motorsport. Yet despite the comings and goings of racing series and categories, one constant throughout was the presence and competitiveness of the venerable 911.

    In Evolution of the Porsche 911, noted experts Michael Keyser and Bill Oursler have assembled an evocative coffee table book that takes the reader on a photographic trip through the entire 50 year racing history of the 911. Organized into chapters such as “The Early Years,” “RS & RSR,” “934¬934/5,” “Sand, Snow and Asphalt,” each section opens with a brief historical background on the period, followed by pages of lavish photographs with detailed captions.

    Immensely enjoyable to leaf through, each section includes photographs from major events like the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Daytona and Sebring, as well as rallies and smaller events from around the world. In addition to being a visual feast, this book also does a very fine job of encapsulating the depth and breadth of the 91 I’s racing exploits right up through 2010. A must have for any 911 aficionado or anyone interested in the history of sports cars and endurance racing.

    Casey Annis – Vintage Racecar
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  3. As seen in Victory Lane
    Has any production car concept design had a longer production and winning competition life? The Porsche 911 began in late 1964 and continues today with the same basic concept, but much expanded and modified design. Various types have won a myriad of great races and championships around the world. The early to late street cars are highly prized sports cars.

    This book is a great trip though the racing and rally trip of the history of the many Porsche 911 based models and also a riveting and vividly presented history of Sports Car racing through the last five decades. All of the models from true 911 through RSRs, 934s, 935s, the unique rule bending GT1, and more have their place in this well done pictorial romp through Porsche racing history in ten chapters, whose two page text introduction sets the scene of its era in a Porsche types era and history.

    A fascinating, entertaining, very well presented book that is one of those must read, must return to often, and must have a place in every vintage racer’s library.

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  4. As seen in Daily Sports Car
    OK, before we get started I have a financial interest in this book. Showing rare taste and perspicacity the authors of this fine tome bought (and paid for!) some images from me. Of course the really good stuff comes from elsewhere but I am very pleased to be part of this book. So my interests disclosed, I can now talk about this new volume. OK, the first question is do we need another Porsche history, another 911 book? Surprisingly the answer after reading this book is yes.

    The authors, Michael Keyser and Bill Oursler (who also contributes on DDC) are Porsche experts of long standing. Michael raced a 911 with great success during the 70’s including a win at the Sebring 12 Hours. To most of the sportscar fans these days he is best known for his book “A French Kiss With Death”, the definitive story of Steve McQueen and his film “Le Mans”.

    Bill Oursler is, well he is Bill. Anyone who has been receiving end one of his long phone calls knows about the passion, deep knowledge and understanding of all things Porsche. I doubt if he can even recall the number of books, let alone articles that he written over the past 40 years. As to the subject matter, the competition history of the Porsche 911 in all its mutations and evolutions give a very broad canvas on which to paint a compelling picture.

    The first thing that strikes you when you pick up the book is the quality of the production that oozes out. The engraved slip case is typical of the high standards of reproduction that match the quality of the content.

    The Forewords are written by two figures who have been central to the story of the 911 in competition, Jürgen Barth and Norbert Singer. This is supplemented by the story of Michael and his relationship with the Porsche 911, from 1966 to the present day.

    The content follows on in a chronological order. I especially enjoyed the sections dealing with the early years. The opening double page spread showing Eberhard Mahle completely sideways on the Rossfield Hillclimb back in 1966 makes you imagine that you can hear the throttle, full on, no lifting. Another favourite is the chapter on the customer developments of the 935, which grew more radical with the evolutions of the “Moby Dick” concept.

    The 959 programme is also covered with the various developments both on and off road as are the GT1 projects.

    The final chapters look at the recent 911 GT3-R Hybrid and another of my favourite pieces,911 In Posters that are extremely evocative. So if you are a 911 nut, this book is for you. Well written, well illustrated and well produced it has a place on any Porsche bookshelf. Only 2,250 copies have been printed, so get your order in soon.

    John Brooks – Daily Sports Car
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  5. As seen in Vintage Motorsport
    With Forewords by Jurgen Barth and Norbert Singer, the story of the 911 in competition is told in entertaining detail largely through extensive photo captions that bring the reader through the long racing lineage of the 911. Chapters include The Early Years, Ducktails and Whaletails, The Factory Turbos, 934-934/935, Boost in Private Hands, Sand Snow and Asphalt, From Carrera Cup to GT2, GT1, GT3 and 911 in Posters. The photography is beautifully reproduced and nicely edited-an excellent effort no 911 race enthusiast should miss. Limited to 2000 copies-with 250 signed editions.

    Vintage Motorsport
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  6. Hemmings Motor News – September 2012

    Certainly, the story of the competition Porsche 911 has been told before, in various formats, often by some very respected journalists. Rarely, though, has a team with this level of street cred in the Porsche world collaborated on such a project. Keyser stepped away from photojournalism and filmmaking in Baltimore to take on the world’s best in Carrera RSRs and the like, all the way from Watkins Glen to Le Mans and the Targa Florio. From Connecticut, and a news paper career, Oursler fired film all over America and Europe and has authored a raft of Porsche titles. So these guys are solidly in the know.

    The book, therefore, is spectacular, 236 huge pages in hardcover within a cool embossed slipcase. The images crash across the page spreads like tsunami waves, tight images that even show the driver shooter locking gazes momentarily. Most of the imagery is action, some of it covering the 911’s underappreciated rep as a world rally car in the form of the 911S, 911SC, Carrera RSR and the 959. We were flatly awed by the scope and power of this book, published in a limited edition of 2,000 copies. Sure, it’s expensive, but so are the Any fan of the 911 should grab it and relish it. Among its other attributes it underscores that the 911 is going on 50 years as a fixture in international motorsports, a truly remarkable distinction.

Sample Pages – Click on image to enlarge

The Early Years
Ducktails and Whaletails – RS & RSR
The Factory Turbos
934 – 934/935
Boost in Private Hands
Sand, Snow and Asphalt
From Carrera Cup to GT2
911 in Posters